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REUSE: The Recycling Centre Redefined

REUSE in Aarhus is an innovative space for recycling, upcycling and progressive waste management.

At REUSE you can pick up prime bulky items – completely free – preventing them from becoming waste, thus saving resources and CO2 emissions.


Come and find a chair, dishes or a casserole to get your apartment started.


You can also contribute to REUSE with your own bulky unwanted items. Deliver usable goods in person or use the established bulky waste collection service to send items direct to REUSE.


More than an exchange

REUSE aims to change our views and perception of waste as just something disposable into a potential resource. That’s why REUSE hosts exhibitions, events and courses on waste and recycling, and we support projects that explore new ways of dealing with waste and recycling.


How to order collection of your bulky waste for REUSE

When you order bulky waste collection online, you will be prompted to choose whether or not to send the waste to REUSE. Please note that the option to send to REUSE is only available in some parts of Aarhus. Also note that the service in Danish only, you may need a Danish-speaking friend to guide you through this process.


Opdateret: 21.3.2017


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